Tuesday’s Child (Psychic Visions, Book 1) by Dale Mayer


 My Thoughts:

An intriguing read, yes there are lots of psychic books out there but I’ve not read one quite like this. The difference is, this psychic (Sam), experiences the final moments of people’s lives as they are brutally murdered, both through their eyes and physically. She feels like she dies every time because she literally experiences their death, waking up with marks and cuts all over her body after her visions. I’ve not read or come across this sort of spin on a psychic’s powers before, it was a little gruesome, and spine-crawling.

I was totally in the mood for Tuesday’s Child, and I think it is one of those books that you need to be in the mood for. I’ve been on a bit of a crime/mystery/thriller theme at the moment with my books, I have just finished ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’ (also v.good). However, mixing crime with paranormal fantasy like Mayer does, now you’re talking. There have been complaints of errors in other reviews, I didn’t notice any errors so I was clearly engrossed by this book. I thought the story was well written, flowed smoothly and was very easy to follow. I didn’t get confused or lost, and Mayer revealed enough clues about the ‘killer’ to keep you interested.

The characters worked well together and I particularly liked the main female protagonist, Sam. Not a Mary-Sue, not a bad-ass, and despite her psychic powers, Sam is a relatively normal female. It makes a nice change. Sam behaves in a completely understandable and logical way with her powers. Shunned from society and afraid of what others may think/do when they find out about her powers, she retreats into a semi-hermit lifestyle. She is automatically wary of others, and she is quiet, keeping herself to herself. I think Sam behaves like anybody else would in her shoes.

The terrifying aspect of her powers, waking up from other people’s murders with their bloody marks on your body, is something Sam is used to, and thankfully her powers let her heal quickly. Not enough to die from blood loss, but enough to knock her sideways. Mayer writes Sam’s visions and powers in an incredibly realistic fashion, somehow tying your heart strings to Sam’s character. Sam has to put up with a lot, so when she attempts to help the police for a second time and is met with skepticism, you really feel Sam’s frustration and disappointment. Luckily, or unluckily for Sam, she literally walks into a cop who is a little different, a cop who has dealt with psychics before. Detective Brandt Sutherland, is the main male protagonist, and unlike most male protagonists, Mayer doesn’t over exaggerate Brandt’s attractiveness. Brandt was a good secondary character to match up with Sam, and his elderly mother was particularly entertaining.

Brandt is willing to listen and trust Sam, even though her psychic abilities are way beyond what he has ever witnessed. Their romance is a touching story of learning to trust again, even when you don’t fully understand, and when both sides have difficult aspects to their lives. I found their romance very believable and genuine, despite the sort of lost/broken soul theme running through their characters.

I will also mention that Sam works at a vet’s, and ends up with two dogs, so any animal lovers out there will enjoy this aspect of the story.

I think I’ve described enough about this story now without giving too much away. It was a good read, a very good read, and Mayer is a proficient author, she has plenty more books out there for you to dive into!

Tuesday’s Child is book one out of seven from the Psychic Visions series at this moment in time.

From The Current Reviews:

The Good: Tuesday’s Child is a well written and engaging book‘, ‘sent chills up my spine‘, ‘This is one of those lovely, dark books that’s gruesome and bloody and just somehow hits the spot’, ‘I loved the fact that our heroine, Sam, was the one with the angst (I’m so sick of hero’s with angst who are ‘never good enough’ or are terrified of relationships!)‘, ‘this is a first class story that I recommend to those who like crime stories, mysteries, thrillers and books about psychic phenomena’, ‘extremely well written, allowing you to jump smoothly from one character to the other with minimal to no confusion’, ‘a fast paced thriller, with just the right amount of romance’, ‘very dark and compelling story line’, ‘incredible and so suspense filled that I couldn’t put it down for a second‘, ‘the last few pages will surely leave you wide-eyed while holding your breath at the same time’, ‘The story unfolds brilliantly, transporting the reader on a horrific journey’, ‘mesmerizing horror-thriller is a must-read‘, ‘riveting until the very last page’, ‘great characters and great plot’, ‘The characters are strong and likeable’, ‘Character development and interaction was wonderful‘, ‘This book is a page turner with lots of twists and turns’, ‘A very good story about learning to trust even when you don’t understand‘, ‘an intriguing story that embodies suspense, mystery, romance, and paranormal elements all in one‘, ‘“Monday’s child is fair of face, Tuesday’s child is full of grace”, or at least that’s how the rhyme goes.‘, ‘I like the way the main character Sam was developed‘, ‘interesting supernatural crime novel.’

The Bad: I cannot understand any 4 or 5 star reviews with all those issues but the premise is interesting. If the issues were fixed this could be a pretty good book. Well, some of dialogue could use a little help too.‘, ‘It’s bumpy and disjointed. POVs that add no value, references that haven’t occurred yet, choppy transitions and then, my biggest pet-peeve, grammar & punctuation errors (there’s no excuse – hire a proofreader!).‘, ‘It also felt like the romantic relationship between the main characters was forced. They were both lonely and needed the companionship rather than feeling any real attraction‘, ‘the premise drew me into being interested, but the book itself wasn’t all that great‘, ‘Okay but disturbing.’

The Darn Right Ugly: ‘DNF’

The Unicorns: Dale Mayer did a fantastic job. Being inside the mind of a serial killer can’t be easy, but she did so amazingly, and scared me with how well she did this.‘, ‘Dale Mayer has crafted a believable world and likeable characters that just happen to end up splattered with blood at the end of a long night. A highly enjoyable read.‘, ‘Read this in 2 days, couldn’t put it down!‘, ‘Dale Mayer pulled me in with her book and I can’t wait to read more’, ‘hell this could probably be made into a movie’, ‘I thought I was a Mary Higgins Clark fan, but Dale Mayer is giving her a run for her money!’

This Book Has Been Compared/Likened To:

Keep Me Safe by Maya Banks.

Release date: June 16th 2011

Pages: 326

Age Range: 15+

Contains: Violence, gory murder, some sexual descriptions, and some use of foul language.

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy/ Mystery/ Thriller/ Crime.

About The Book: What she doesn’t want…is exactly what he needs.

Shunned and ridiculed all her life for something she can’t control, Samantha Blair hides her psychic abilities and lives on the fringes of society. Against her will, however, she’s tapped into a killer—or rather, his victims. Each woman’s murder, blow-by-blow, ravages her mind until their death releases her back to her body. Sam knows she must go to the authorities, but will the rugged, no-nonsense detective in charge of tracking down the killer believe her?

Detective Brandt Sutherland only trusts hard evidence, yet Sam’s visions offer clues he needs to catch a killer. The more he learns about her incredible abilities, however, the clearer it becomes that Sam’s visions have put her in the killer’s line of fire. Now Brandt must save her from something he cannot see or understand…and risk losing his heart in the process.

As danger and desire collide, passion raises the stakes in a game Sam and Brandt don’t dare lose.

Amazon Kindle Rating: 4.6 Stars (4.6 Stars)

Goodreads Rating: 3. 82stars(3.82 Stars)

Where to Buy?

Amazon: Kindle Ed, free. Paperback, £9.05.

About the Author:

Dale Mayer is a USA Today bestselling author best known for her Psychic Visions and Family Blood Ties series. Her contemporary romances are raw and full of passion and emotion (Second Chances, SKIN), her thrillers will keep you guessing (By Death series), and her romantic comedies will keep you giggling (It’s a Dog’s Life and Charmin Marvin Romantic Comedy series).

She honors the stories that come to her – and some of them are crazy and break all the rules and cross multiple genres!

To go with her fiction, she also writes nonfiction in many different fields with books available on resume writing, companion gardening and the US mortgage system. She has recently published her Career Essentials Series. All her books are available in print and ebook format.

Author’s Websites:

Disclaimer: The reviews and opinions above are either from online sources or my own, and have been collaborated together for the ease and benefit of potential new readers. All ratings have been collected from the date of this blog’s publishing and will potentially change in the future.

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