Skip: An Epic Fairy Tale Fantasy Adventure Series (Book 1) by Perrin Briar


My Thoughts:

Skip is split into 7 books(parts), this review covers book 1 which ends on a cliffhanger. (Note: it is a very short first installment to this series -C.L.)

Skip book 1, is definitely a promising start of an epic fairy tale fantasy adventure. It drew me in straight away with the strange monolithic clock tower, what a wonderful idea! I was so intrigued by the clock tower that before I knew it, I was a third of the way through this first book.

Writing style, characters and plot are all great. However, I did notice a couple of spelling mistakes, though nothing too major that it detracted away from the story. There is a lot of mystery and unanswered questions in this first book, you will have to purchase the next books to find out more, and I’m hoping it will be worth it!

Jera, the main female protagonist, is strong willed, compassionate, and possibly a little bit stubborn. Her relationship with her sister Kali, is both entertaining and sweet, and exactly how I would expect sisters to interact. I liked how they were complete opposites of one another (even though this is often the case with siblings). Jera is definitely a likable character, her desire to see and learn about the outside world is very touching. You will find yourself willing for Jera to get her chance to travel.

Elian Stump, who I suspect will be the main male protagonist, made me laugh a lot, even though you don’t see much of him in this first book, his antics are very funny. He comes across as somewhat immature at first, but there seems to be more to him than meets the eye. Elian is going to be an interesting character to watch in the next books.

The Ascar brothers are slimy, horrible, antagonists. I have never been fooled by characters before but these two fooled me. I think I was as surprised as Jera, when she found out their little secret. (I can’t say any more, spoilers! -C.L.)

Grandfather Time, the old man who lives in the clock tower. I liked this character a lot, he comes across a bit grumpy and rough around the edges at first, but later he is a whopping surprise!

I have to admit, Skip surprised me, there are unexpected twists and turns, particularly surrounding Jera’s and Kali’s betrothals. I did not see that one (or should I say two?). I wish I could say more, but I fear I will be giving away too many spoilers. Briar has created an intriguing fantasy world, with different and unique creatures, I particularly liked the Sabergoat but there are many more to fuel the imagination. I was bouncing in my seat by the end of this first book, even though the cliffhanger is infuriating, I can’t wait to find out more…

From The Current Reviews:

The Good: This is an interesting start to a story that I want to continue reading.‘, ‘So far so good, I really enjoyed the characters and the general way the story was shaping up and am looking forward to finding out more.’, ‘very good read’, ‘definitely an epic fantasy’, ‘This was a fun read‘, ‘I love the way the author slowly reveals the little secrets of the story so that by the end it all fits together‘, ‘this is an unusual time slip book and the idea of the clock is great. I enjoyed the characterization and was surprised at the unexpected twists and turns – always great when an author can really surprise their reader.‘, ‘fast paced and intriguing‘, ‘It drew me in pretty quickly and kept my attention‘, ‘Engaging fun introduction to Briar’s fantasy adventure‘, ‘An interesting story about time woven into a fairy tale like setting‘, ‘The characters are well thought through and the more you read the more you get to know them‘, ‘A really interesting story which takes a little while to get going but reveals increasing complexity and depth of characters‘, ‘Interesting concept with well developed characters‘.

The Bad: I would have loved to give this book a high mark, but the editing and/or the formatting detracted from it‘, ‘Though the story is slower moving then I liked I did enjoy the storyline’, ‘The story line has a good concept but needs to be better communicated’.

The Darn Right Ugly: (None so far -C.L.)

The Unicorns:As with previous books I’ve read by Perrin Briar, I was blown away with Skip’, ‘the final chapter and the Epilogue have me very anxious to read the rest of the series’, ‘Can’t wait to grab up the next episode and see what happens to Jera, Elian, the town of Time and the rest of the characters.‘, ‘Definitely had to just buy the whole season to finish it. I couldn’t just stop at episode one, the story is just getting started! Episode one whet my whistle, I must continue.‘, ‘A great read, have not read any of Perrin Briar’s books before so I am a new fan.’

This Book Has Been Compared/Likened To:

Album: Clockwork Angels from Neil Pert of the band Rush.

Release date: December 18th 2014

Pages: 124

Age Range: 13+

Contains: Some foul language.

Genre: Fantasy Adventure

About The Book: A Mysterious Clock Controls Time. What Happens When It Breaks?

The clock tower is the center of the town of Time. It counts down the hours, minutes and seconds of every passing day. But unbeknownst to the local inhabitants, it is at the center of a great deal more than that. It is the center of the universe and controls time itself. But it is old and beginning to break, sending the world’s inhabitants skipping forward and back through time.

Seventeen-year-old Jera Wythnos, betrothed to marry a powerful lord, runs to escape her responsibilities and pursue her dream of traveling the world. Hot on her heels is her betrothed, moving heaven and earth to find her before the wedding day.

Elian Stump is an outlaw on the run from a bungled heist, but he carries with him a dangerous secret that threatens to either free or ensnare the world.

They confront sinister forces at every turn, hell bent on preventing them from achieving their goal, and taking control of the clock tower for themselves.

The universe has chosen this unlikely pair to collect all three replacement clock pieces scattered across the world before the clock tower, and time, breaks for good. On their journey they make friends and enemies, encounter strange and wonderful mythical creatures, and face their own internal demons.

From the author of epic adventure series Blood Memory and Z-Minus comes this fantasy tale of adventure, romance, and mythical creatures.

Amazon Kindle Rating: 4.1 stars (4.1 Stars)

Goodreads Rating:  3. 77 stars(3.77 Stars)

Where to Buy?

Amazon Kindle Ed: Skip #1 free, Skip #2 £1.99, Skip #3 £0.99, Skip #4 £1.99, Skip #5 £1.99, Skip #6 £1.99, Skip #7 £1.99.

About the Author:

Perrin Briar was born in Huntingdon, in the UK. He has worked as a bookie, salesman, factory hand and stock counter. He eventually got into TV and worked on various shows in the production and development departments. He currently teaches English in South Korea.

The Blood Memory books involve a group surviving at sea in a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic world. The first book follows Jordan Grant, who wakes up knowing nothing about the virus or the world as it now is. During the first season Jordan unlocks key memories in his past that have a dramatic effect on the world now.

The Z-Minus Trilogy follows Chris and Maisie, a father and daughter with a bad relationship. Unlike other zombie books, in this series the virus takes eight hours to spread throughout the host’s body. In the first book Chris uses this time to get his daughter somewhere safe. In the second book Maisie is infected and Chris must get her to the cure. The final episode sees Chris taking Maisie to the research vessel where they can harvest the cure from her.

The Swiss Family RobinZOM series is a tongue-in-cheek zombie apocalypse based on the original Johann Wyss stories.

He now lives in South Korea.

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