Heart of the Dead (Perpetual Creatures Book 1) by Gabriel Beyers


My Thoughts:

More Silvanus! I want more Silvanus! Oh he was so brilliant, he kept me reading til the very end. In fact, if Mr Beyers were to write this story again purely from Silvanus’ POV I would read it again! But.. I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Heart of the Dead is a vampire story but, like a number of other reviewers have said, the author has managed to find a new angle when we all thought it was near impossible. You have normal vampires of course, but even they have their own unique powers and abilities. You also have strange, mutilated and crazy vampires, and you have Silvanus who is something completely different altogether, I’m not even sure if he’s a vampire at all… what is he?
The story is written from multiple viewpoints, but it is mainly told from Jerusa’s POV (the main female protagonist). Everything about this vampire story is different, and Jerusa is a little different too, she has a heart problem and she is also a medium (basically she can see ghosts). She has her own personal ghost Alicia, who she communicates with through a series of hand gestures and signs, because unfortunately, she can’t actually hear her. This is a clever little plot twist however, as you can imagine, it isn’t easy to communicate with a ghost who you can’t hear.

Jerusa is your typical teenage girl character, she’s a bit whiny at first and sometimes does some odd things, but then again her life is a little odd, considering she can see ghosts. She also has a scar on her chest from where she has had surgery, which makes her feel self-conscious and a little alienated from her peer group. Despite this she is a pretty strong character, and has made the best of her situation. She naturally gravitates towards people who are a little different too, which is why she is friends with Foster.

Foster Reynolds is a bit of an odd character, and although he is a middle aged man his friendship with Jerusa isn’t weird at all. Foster is an unusual character, but he has suffered his own hardships, which is why Jerusa can sympathize with him. I can’t really say much about this character, other than he serves an important purpose for this story.

Alicia, is a funny and stubborn ghost, who as much as she can’t talk she certainly gets her opinions across. She tries to help Jerusa but she also gets annoyed with Jerusa. They share a sibling-like relationship and you only really discover why Alicia is there in the first place, towards the end of this first book.

Silvanus is the best character in my opinion. He is some sort of god/vampire/super being, he doesn’t even know what he is himself. You meet Silvanus when he escapes imprisonment at the beginning of this book. However he doesn’t know who he is, what he is, or where he is. It sets up an interesting premise for this character as he clearly has a lot of power, but he is like a small child discovering the world again. His needs and wants are not clouded by adult-like views, which gives him a beautifully innocent, yet deadly personality. He helps Jerusa simply because she is kind to him.

I so wanted a love-interest to develop between Silvanus and Jerusa, they seem perfect for each other, yet the author held Silvanus’ character back for most of the second half of this book. I was a little dismayed when Silvanus disappeared for so long, but there is enough action and other things going on to keep any reader entertained. Such as, people turning into vampires, strange abilities, and a psycho savage vampire on the loose, these characters have their fair share of problems to contend with.

Heart of the Dead is an entertaining and engaging read. It is packed with action and humor, and there is a little bit of romance but not much considering. I would definitely recommend this to paranormal and vampire-lovers out there who are looking for something a little different. I think there are two books in the series currently, but there will probably be more. Heart of the Dead is one book you should try and it’s free as an ebook, links below!

From The Current Reviews:

The Good: This is a great, fresh approach to vampires’, ‘You have it all in one book, vampires, ghosts, flesh-eaters… what more do you need!‘, ‘It is so refreshing the story is incredible, the characters are well developed, the interactions between the characters are so real and believable.‘, ‘Lots of non stop action and a cast of characters that give you whiplash trying to keep up with.‘, ‘Great reading and love the book.‘, ‘If you like suspense, fantasy, horror and drama with a little young romance, don’t miss this book‘, ‘Definitely a different take on vampires and mediums!’, ‘What a fascinating book!’, ‘Pretty good book and a fast read‘, ‘Well written and quite different to other vampire books….lots more wonders to get your teeth into!‘, ‘So surprised by this book. The writer def has a way with words. He describes the world the book is written in a very poetic manner!‘, ‘The characters are well fleshed out, have wonderful interactions with others‘, ‘Slow start but it’s well worth sticking with this story as it does improve greatly.’, ‘A compulsive read in fact and one I really enjoyed. Very different from anything else I have read lately, intriguing.’, ‘Very different Vampire novel. Really enjoyed it. Fast paced and a lot of fun. Not the usual run of the mill boy meets girl and turns her into a vampire. Its a lot more than that. I will be reading more from Gabriel Beyers.’

The Bad: My only criticism is I wanted some romance‘, ‘sometimes it felt like the main characters lost their brains‘, ‘Heroine is a whiner at first but I grew to like her later on‘, ‘ a little confusing at times but overall a good read‘, ‘

The Darn Right Ugly: Too many typos. Plus the flat characters, the switches in perspective that were more redundant than interest-piquing, and the generally hollow plot.

The Unicorns:This author is becoming one of my favorites. Let’s face it, vampires have been done over and over and over again, yet he found a new angle to approach it all‘, ‘This is one heck of a thrill ride! I would have to recommend this book to every single paranormal and fantasy lover out there.‘, ‘The story is full of twists and turns to keep you reading page after page I look forward to reading the next installment‘, ‘Wow! Each page had me enthralled, everything in one book, vampires, and vamps who turn into rabid flesh eaters – a divine sun walking God of a man vamp and ghosts – all looking gorgeous to boot!‘.

Release date: September 16th 2014

Pages: 274

Age Range: 13+

Contains: Descriptions of violence.

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy/ Urban Fantasy/ Vampires

About The Book:

Jerusa Phoenix never thought she would experience anything more shocking than being able to see ghosts. Then she met Silvanus. The young man with unearthly eyes, who seems to be able to read her thoughts, is handsome, powerful, and she is sure of one thing: he isn’t human.

But Silvanus isn’t the only mysterious creature to come to town.

Jerusa, ignoring the warnings of her ghost companion, Alicia, finds herself face to face with a group of vampires. Silvanus tries to save Jerusa, but she is wounded in the battle. Silvanus kills one of the vampires, but to all their horror, he rises again to become something far worse . . . a mindless flesh-eater known as a savage.

Jerusa is transformed into a vampire to save her life. Silvanus is poisoned by savage blood and when he vanishes before their eyes, Jerusa realizes something else. Silvanus isn’t a vampire, either.

Jerusa, along with the ghost Alicia, must join with the other blood-drinkers to hunt down and destroy the savage before he can make other savages, proving that she is worthy to be a vampire. As she embarks on this dangerous mission, she can’t help thinking of Silvanus. Where is he? Who is he? What is he?

Amazon Kindle Rating: 4.8 Stars (4.8 Stars)

Goodreads Rating: 4.02 stars (4.02 Stars)

Where to Buy?

Amazon: Kindle Ed, free. Paperback, £7.17.

About the Author:

Gabriel Beyers lives in Bloomington, Indiana with his wife, two children, and two lovable (yet destructive) dogs. He is a writer of Thrillers with a Twist. That is, they are stories of normal people facing extraordinary situations in a world that’s twisted just a bit off center. He spends his day-job hours tinkering with elevators and the dark hours of the night–when the rest of the family is sleeping–at the keyboard immersed in his imaginary worlds.

Author’s Websites:





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