Lesser Gods (Psionic Pentalogy Book 3) by Adrian Howell


My Thoughts:

Oh my god this book almost broke my heart! I could not believe what happened to the main character Adrian, so so so much injustice and I can’t tell you much more than that otherwise it will spoil the story!

Just like Wild-Born and The Tower, Lesser Gods is written from the POV of Adrian Howell, a young teenage boy with incredible telekinetic powers. This third book in this series follows Adrian and his new family and friends, as they fend off their enemies, whilst living with the Guardian faction in a place called New Haven. If you want more details you will just have to read my other blogs, here for Wild-Born and here for The Tower. However just to cover some basics, there is a war going on between various different groups. The Angels are another psionic faction, The God-Slayers are religious extremists, and The Wolves are a military group. The Angels are like the Guardians, only the Angels believe they should be the rulers of the world and mankind, the Guardians oppose this.

Adrian has joined the Guardians willingly in order to search for his kidnapped, biological sister Cat, but in this third book he begins to question the Guardian’s morals and beliefs. When he is captured and tortured by an enemy group he learns some unpleasant truths about the Guardian’s history. Eventually he is rescued but despite being in one piece, his captors have given him some irreversible damage that prevents him from being able to fight and use his powers. Terry Henderson, Adrian’s combat instructor, is left feeling extremely guilty about what has happened to him, and so tries to find a cure for his problem. However, Adrian does not want to get his hopes up and he tries to live his life as normally as possible, resigning himself to the fact that he will never be able to fight again. Terry leaves New Haven suddenly, upsetting Cindy, Adrian and in particular his younger, adopted sister Alia. No one knows where she has gone, and no one knows if she will be coming back.

Fortunately for Adrian, there is one good thing in his life full of drama. Laila, Terry’s best friend, has taken a liking to him and the two of them end up spending more and more time together. Adrian has to learn to deal with his new problems, but Laila, Alia and Cindy are more than willing to help him. After a failed attempt by the Angels to break into their home, Adrian decides he should at least learn how to shoot a gun again, even if he can’t fight he wants to be able to protect his family. Help comes to him from an unlikely source, and his aim at the shooting range starts to improve.

Terry returns eventually but the Angels decide to call for  a ‘blood trial’, which is basically a gathering of lesser gods, a tournament used to settle personal disputes between the psionic factions without resorting to all-out war. There are three duels, and whichever side wins, gains an advantage and are allowed to request something from the other side. During this gathering Adrian spots his biological sister and sets about to rescue her, however things do not go as smoothly as planned and Adrian is forced into making yet again, another difficult decision. Adrian also reveals the darker side of his personality, and does something which may be completely unforgivable.

This third book is, in my opinion, fast paced, well written, additive, and error free. Lesser Gods will torture your emotions but it is deadly exciting with a good dose of humor added to the mix too. I can’t even begin to explain how sympathetic and outraged I was at the injustice in this story, it just proves that the author is one hell of a writer. Just a note of caution though, there are some gruesome paragraphs, particularly near the beginning of this book where Adrian is tortured to near death. For that reason alone I bumped up the age to 15+ for this book. However, if you think you can handle that, and you’ve read the other books, prepare to see Adrian grow as a character, and he doesn’t grow into the ‘perfect hero’ mold either. Nope, Adrian has seen a lot in his short life and he has both lighter and darker elements brewing within his character. It is really interesting to see this dangerous world from the POV of a young teenager, one where he has to make decisions that even grown adults would struggle with. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I think this is a unique and genius element to Adrian Howell’s story, the author manages to convey all the thoughts, actions and emotions of a young teen perfectly.

If you haven’t read the first two books I would advise that you go and pick them up now. The author does cover the basics from the previous book within the first few pages of the next, though not enough for you to completely understand the depth of these amazing characters. Alia still remains my favorite character by far, the little child healer is funny, sassy and full of spirit. I can’t wait to see what happens in book 4, I had one minor niggle with book 3 but I will reserve judgement until I have finished the series.

Well done again to the author, and I hope that you are able to write many more books in the future!

From The Current Reviews:

The Good: ‘Breathtaking Scope’, ‘The author does not lie to his readers, he does not spin a fantastical story. It seems that he merely created the characters and made them real by, allowing them to suffer and struggle’, ‘A few creative twists that really fit with the plot of this series‘, ‘addictive’, ‘Amazing book and if you don’t read it you are missing out. Finished it in 2 days I tried to save it but it was impossible’. The development is quick and well-timed‘, ‘It is genuinely exciting watching them go, and their trials and tribulations evoke genuine emotion‘, ‘The bottom line is that “Lesser Gods” is a marked improvement over “The Tower”, standing alongside (and possible surpassing) “Wild-born”‘, ‘Adrian is just a little dare devil. Taking giant risks in the name of eventually one day reuniting with his lost sister‘, ‘There is high drama right at the beginning of the novel and then a lull and then it builds again to an even greater crescendo at the end’, ‘So good! Wasn’t able to put it down and it still is getting interesting!’, ‘Couldn’t put this book down from start to finish, the series just keeps getting better and the writer is really talented‘.

The Bad: ‘I finished reading the book in the early hours of this morning. I got the impression that the author was hurrying the story (deadline issues perhaps?), as I found the plot increasingly disorganised and over-the-top. Disappointing, as the overall theme remains interesting.’, ‘My only downfall with this book, that I didn’t find true of the first two novels, is that there are several chapters that are extremely slow paced. I’m more of a fast paced don’t want to stop reader so these slower moments were hard for me to get into.‘, ‘its Okay, Not as good as 1,2,4,and 5‘.

The Darn Right Ugly: (None so far -C.L.)

The Unicorns:Best in the series so far, they’ve all been amazing. I saw something coming but, it sure as hell wasn’t that‘. ‘Fantastic story, realistic characters and situations’, ‘Impossible to put down, great writing’, ‘Best read as part of the series I enjoyed this immensely, the story is captivating you really care about the characters and the writing is as easy to read as the witch world series, worth every penny.’, ‘this guy needs to get published!!’

Release date: 16th December 2013

Pages: 409

Age Range: 15+

Contains: Descriptions of violence towards adults and children, bodily mutilation, and references to physical and sexual abuse.

Genre(s): Fantasy/ Paranormal/ Sci-Fi/ Young Adult

About The Book:

Despite his newfound standing in the Guardian faction, psionic destroyer Adrian Howell never imagined himself joining the Knights for actual combat missions. He would have preferred to live in peace, but the psionic war takes no one’s preferences into account. And much to his own surprise, Adrian finds himself beginning to enjoy the thrill of the chase – until something goes drastically wrong. Now, even as the Guardians prepare for a major showdown against their primary enemy faction, Adrian finds himself trapped in a world of darkness that is slowly poisoning his heart and mind… drawing him ever closer to becoming the very monster he had set out to kill.
(Lesser Gods is the third book of Adrian Howell’s PSIONIC Pentalogy)

Amazon Kindle Rating: 4.8 Stars(4.8 Stars)

Goodreads Rating: 4.4 stars(4.4 stars)

Where to Buy? Amazon: Kindle Ed, £3.95. Paperback, £9.32.

About the Author:

Adrian Howell (pen name) is the author of the Psionic Pentalogy: five novels that follow the life of a telekinetic teenager through a dark world of warring paranormal factions, deadly religious cults and secret government organizations.

Born of a Japanese mother and American father, Adrian was raised for a time in California and currently lives a quiet life in Japan where he teaches English to small groups of children and adults. Aside from reading and writing fiction, his hobbies include recumbent cycling, skiing, medium-distance trekking, sketching and oversleeping.

Author’s Links:

Website: http://adrianhowell.com/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/AdrianHowell


Disclaimer: The reviews and opinions above are either from online sources or my own, and have been collaborated together for the ease and benefit of potential new readers. All ratings have been collected from the date of this blog’s publishing and will potentially change in the future.

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