The Quest (Psionic Pentalogy Book 4) by Adrian Howell

My Thoughts:

OH MY GOD, I knew it! I totally saw that plot twist coming but it was still shocking and heartbreaking all at the same time. What am I talking about? I’m not telling you, you will just have to go and read the series, you won’t be disappointed.

I loved this book it was amazing, in fact I’ve finished the whole series now and hardly slept a wink but I’ll review ‘Guardian Angels’ in my next blog. I will say this though, I was crying inside at the end of this series, and almost cried, literal, real tears too!

The Quest welcomes you back to the main characters Adrian and Alia, and yet again these powerful children are faced with difficult tasks and decisions. The author has written these characters so well, and each character (including minor characters), are complex and fully fleshed out by the time you reach this forth installment. God you just want things to go right for once for these poor characters, but nothing ever seems to go right! Naughty Adrian though, some of his past decisions have come back to bite him in the backside in ‘The Quest’, some of the outcomes could have been avoided. Yet that’s the beauty of this story, the author shows you where things could have been different and gets you thinking about what you would have done if you had been in the same situation. Gah! it’s just so unfair, but so brilliant, but still so unfair! Injustice could be this author’s middle name.

In the Quest, Adrian, Alia and Terry narrowly escape capture and lose Cindy as The Angels take over their home, New Haven. They escape with a bunch of guardian children and then try to train these children in close-quarters-combat. Reasoning that they are not children anymore and they are in a war for their lives. The Angels have declared a new Angel Master, which means they can basically brainwash anyone into joining their cause, the one where they are supreme rulers of the world and no one has freedom of choice. The Angels attempt to capture Alia again and as more and more Guardians surrender, the trio decide it is time to take a trip to see ‘The Historian’, an ancient and powerful psionic. However, old enemies will have to become allies in these desperate times as the journey to The Historian’s home is difficult and perilous with Angels blocking every step of the way. The Historian can only offer them knowledge at a very steep price, knowledge which may be devastating or which may help them to save The Guardian faction. Nothing is strictly good or evil in Adrian Howell’s world, making for an incredibly realistic read as the author explores and draws you into the grey area between. Begging the question, what is right and what is wrong?

I wish I could go on but it will spoil the story, and I try my hardest not to give out spoilers. The Quest follows the same style from the first three books, it’s well written, flows smoothly, has great pace, and the author still manages to keep his authentic child/teenage POV. The basics from the third book are covered in this forth book but you do really need to read the whole series to understand the amazing depth of these characters. It has been an absolute pleasure to read about Adrian and Alia, to watch them mature and grow, and to watch their difficult, life-changing decisions. They have become real characters, I’ve actually grown attached to them, again this proves true literary mastery to me from the author.

A powerful, action packed and captivating series, and the final installment does not disappoint (though it may leave you weeping and heartbroken for a few days). Go buy the series, but if you’re not convinced then check out the rest of the series in my other blogs below!

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From The Current Reviews.

The Good: ‘As always the quality of writing is excellent and each character – even the minor characters – all really come alive in this one’, ‘Excellent book well written and enjoyable’, ‘They are an easy read with lots to think about and an interesting take on superpowers!’, ‘Well rounded characters and an engaging storyline‘, ‘Stylistically, Mr. Howell maintains his usual level of writing quality, adapting deftly to the mind and style of a teenager. His language is succinct but generally descriptive, managing complex ideas with an economy of wording.‘, ‘tug of war with life death and survival not necessarily in that order‘, ‘The plot is compelling and pulls you eagerly through all 5 books. The characters are well developed, if somewhat quirky because of the nature of the story and its sci-fi aspects. The story moves very smoothly and seamlessly through a variety of fascinating twists and turns.’, ‘With more plot twists than an after school special, The Quest keeps you frantically turning the pages.’, ‘this is one series of books that will stay on your mind for a long time as you watch innocent young kids life become one tragic situation after another all the way to adulthood’, ‘It was hard to put this book down. There are so many twists, turns, ups, downs, and a lot of gray!’, ‘the information is deeply surprising yet disturbing’, ‘after the 1st chapter I was hooked, the characters were believable and sucked me in immediately’, ‘ This would make a great movie‘, ‘ Entertaining and exceedingly easy to read‘, ‘Totally enjoyable, masterfully told – highly recommended‘, ‘This series is awesome. The characters’ continued growth and depth is just amazing. You feel their pain as though it were your own‘, ‘It is not as complex as something epic like Lord of the Rings, but it definitely hits the high ground for the genre‘, ‘Twists, turns, betrayal, and yet more challenges await Adrian in this series of steps toward a conclusion yet to be seen as either a trial, or a triumph‘.

The Bad: (bogs down? is that even a bad review? I don’t think so – C.L.)

The Darn Right Ugly: (Absolutely none -C.L.)

The Unicorns:AS GOOD AS THE FIRST BOOK….THE STORY CONTINUES WITHOUT GETTING BORING‘, ‘Love this series, I don’t think that I’ve skipped a single word written and being that it’s the fourth book in the series that’s saying something.‘, ‘“The Quest” is the PSIONIC Pentalogy’s strongest entry yet, and leaves one waiting with bated breath for the final installment.‘, ‘I loved the entire series, but I think this one was my favorite‘, ‘This is a not stop action packed super entertaining series that you will binge read‘.

This Book Has Been Compared/Likened To: Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien.

Release date: 16th December 2013

Pages: 328

Age Range: 15+

Contains: TW descriptions of violence towards adults and children, bodily mutilation, and references to physical and sexual abuse.

Genre(s): Fantasy/ Paranormal/ Sci-fi/ YA

About The Book:

The psionic war, once thought to be at an end, has been reignited by the rise of a new and exceptionally powerful Angel master. Escaping the fall of their psionic city with a group of refugee children in tow, Adrian and his team face the daunting challenge of keeping their young charges alive as the Guardians are slowly pushed to the brink of destruction. To reunite his family and put an end to the Angel onslaught, Adrian agrees to join a perilous expedition to the far side of the world. There he will seek his answers from a living god… answers that will tell him whether the Guardians have any chance of turning the war around, or if this world of chaos is only the beginning…
(The Quest is the fourth book of Adrian Howell’s PSIONIC Pentalogy)

UK Amazon Kindle Rating: 5 stars(5 Stars)
Goodreads Rating: 4.5 Stars(4.45 Stars)

Where to Buy? Amazon: Kindle Ed, £3.99. Paperback £9.32. Kobo: ebook £3.95.

About the Author:

Adrian Howell (pen name) is the author of the Psionic Pentalogy: five novels that follow the life of a telekinetic teenager through a dark world of warring paranormal factions, deadly religious cults and secret government organizations.

Born of a Japanese mother and American father, Adrian was raised for a time in California and currently lives a quiet life in Japan where he teaches English to small groups of children and adults. Aside from reading and writing fiction, his hobbies include recumbent cycling, skiing, medium-distance trekking, sketching and oversleeping.

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