DOAYW – March Updates


Calling all aspiring and current writers and authors!

Are you struggling to create a character? Wondering what to write? Or are you finding it difficult to be inspired?

Interested in finding out about the publishing industry? Or how to cope as a writer? Or how to avoid mistakes that will turnoff your readers and publishers?

Check out the Diary Of A Young Writer, hosted by the Outlet Publishing Group (A UK  based platform which aims to support new writers) Here you will find all sorts of advice and information, typed from the fingertips of a young and new author (ME), who is experiencing the trials and tribulations of writing and publishing a book right now!

Still not sure? Check out the blog titles below and if you want to see more of that blog, click on the picture.

blog 5 DOAYWblog 6 DOAYWBlog 7 DOAYWBlog 8 DOAYWBlog 9 DOAYW

Please support and share this post with your writer friends. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! I am here to try and help so ask as many questions as you like!

Thank you for reading my blog and happy writing!


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