I Am Phantom (Book 1) by Sean Fletcher


My Thoughts: I was up til 4am reading this book!

10/10 Stars for the opening paragraph! I loved the main character, Drake Sinclair’s, humour and attitude, the first two sentences had me completely hooked. I have to quote them…. ‘My day really began the moment the men shot at me. To set the record straight, it wasn’t my usual idea of fun.’ (From Chapter One: In Which I Screw Up)

I Am Phantom is a fast-paced, well-written, action-packed sci-fi and fantasy, with a good dose of humour. Written in the first person, the reader joins Drake at the beginning of this story in his relatively calm and peaceful family life at home just before he finishes school, and where his only worries are asking girls to prom, the school bullies, oh, and the freaky super powers he obtained during puberty. Drake Sinclair knows he isn’t normal, jumping ridiculously high, super speed, strength and healing abilities are not normal, however he has done a good job at dealing with and hiding his abnormalities so far…. That is before a mysterious figure shows up and turns the school prom into a disaster.

Drake Sinclair then receives a strange admission letter from a college out of state, one with a letter that promises to give him answers about his powers. Desperate for answers Drake accepts, but little does he know, the answers are more complicated and more disturbing than he had ever imagined. Drake is forced to choose how he will use his powers, and whether or not he will use them for good or bad.

The characters are all wonderful in their own ways. I particularly liked Matt’s blunt responses and sometimes aloof behaviour towards the group. Cody, Melaine, Matt and Drake’s personalities all bounce off one another nicely and help to lighten the mood of the story before it gets too dark. I also liked the blossoming relationship between Drake and Liz but you don’t get to see too much of Liz in this first book. There are definitely some backstories with the minor characters that are only hinted at in this first book, and it will be interesting to see if the author explores them in more detail in his second book.

Described as a super hero origin story by some readers, I feel like ‘I Am Phantom’ is so much more that that. As much as Drake’s main goal (in a Clark Kent sort of way) is to find out why he was created and for what purpose, there are so many other secrets and unanswered questions dotted throughout this story too. If you enjoy action and super heroes fighting crime and evil corporations with a bit of mystery thrown into the mix, then this is definitely the book for you.

From The Current Reviews:

The Good: A wonderful, exciting, fast paced adventure is this book!
This is a believable fantasy I believe anyone who loves Superheroes will enjoy.
‘, ‘This book was Good reading. Good story line, good characters, good feeling about the right things in the world today and how when not handled correctly it can be really bad. Kudos to the author. Thank you for a good book!’, ‘A very interesting plot line with great insight into each character and their identity. I was able to picture what the characters looked like and what the lab looked like’, ‘an engaging story and the characters are likeable’, ‘there were several twists that I wasn’t expecting’, ‘action scenes were well written’, ‘A highly readable and entertaining debut novel’, ‘a fun read (guilty) that’s fast paced ‘, ‘an excellent novel that is clean and enjoyable for anyone who enjoys superheroes, coming of age stories, and edge of your seat adventure!‘, ‘Somehow the boring old superhero plot was rewritten and made new and exciting.‘,  ‘ The main character was funny and the superhuman premise was told from a fresh perspective‘.

The Bad: ‘the lack of good editing and the book format took away from the enjoyment.’, ‘The book had considerable potential, but the writing itself turned me off‘.

The Darn Right Ugly: (None so far)

The Unicorns:Fantastic story’, ‘I was up til 4am reading this book. 10/10 Stars for the opening paragraph!‘, ‘I Am Phantom is a fantastic superhero novel, and an excellent debut.’, ‘Thanks, Sean, for a great read! I couldn’t put it down!‘.

This Book Has Been Compared/Likened To:

X-Men, The Fantastic Four, Batman, Spiderman.

Amazon US Kindle Rating: 4.5 Stars(4.5 Stars)

Goodreads Rating: 3. 99stars(3.77 Stars)

Release date: 7th June 2015

Pages: 231

Age Range: 12+

Contains: Some descriptions of violence

Genre(s): Science Fiction, Fantasy

About The Book: Drake Sinclair is a freak. There’s no other explanation for his superhuman speed, strength, and fighting prowess that makes him feared by his peers. But going to college in North Carolina promises a fresh start; a new place with new people, and maybe, just maybe, a chance to discover the origin of his abilities…

Until the psychopath arrives.

The notorious serial killer, Lucius Sykes, is physically enhanced like Drake: stronger, faster, smarter than any human. He is the original survivor of the illegal tests done to both of them by Project Midnight; a project that will stop at nothing to capture Drake and complete their experiments.

Trapped between Sykes’ murderous frenzy against guilty and innocents alike, and the brutality of Project Midnight, Drake realizes his own superhuman abilities are the only things that can stop them both. He takes to the streets as Phantom, a vigilante straddling the blurred lines of good and evil. Hounded by the chief of police, his morality tested by the sickness and hate he fights everyday, and split between stopping Sykes and seeking answers from him, Phantom must find out who the real evil is before everything he’s come to love goes to ruin.

Where to Buy?

Amazon, UK Kindle Ed: £0.99, US Kindle Ed: $1.29

About the Author: Sean Fletcher was born in the broiling, arid state some people lovingly refer to as Texas. He graduated with a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and currently lives on Whidbey Island in Washington State.

He has written eight books and published one(so far. Just wait.). He has taught writing classes at PNWA, writing groups, libraries, and writing workshops on Whidbey Island and Port Townsend.

When not making things up and putting them on paper, he can be found hiking, biking, or traveling.

Author’s Websites & Links:

Website: https://seanfletcherauthor.com/


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seannfletcher/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/14174317.Sean_Fletcher

Disclaimer: The reviews and opinions above are either from online sources or my own, and have been collaborated together for the ease and benefit of potential new readers. All ratings have been collected from the date of this blog’s publishing and will potentially change in the future.

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