My Most Loved Book To Date.


I have a confession to make; I’ve committed every book lover’s worst sins with this book. Eragon by Christopher Paolini is my most loved and most read book to date, and it has maintained its number one spot in my book-loving heart for almost a decade.

I’ve folded the corners of its pages when I haven’t been able to find a bookmark. The cover is literally tearing away from the seams, as though its contents have become swollen and it is struggling to contain all its words within. The corners are battered and curling and both the front and back covers have been bent so much that now the beautiful blue colour bears white paper scars. Several pages have little rips and nicks where the paper has worn thin as I’ve held them carelessly whilst reading in bed until the early hours of the morning. It has also grown old as books do, its pages taking on the familiar golden tinge of use and age.

This book has been with me through my darkest and loneliest moments in life, in fact it kept me sane through a period that had been very rough for me. I read and reread this book and my mother would often say ‘You’re not reading that book again are you?’, and I would like to blame it all on the fact that I was patiently waiting for the second book to be released, but it wasn’t all because of that.

I found Eragon at a time when everything I had known in my sheltered life had been turned upside down. Being a self-confessed fantasy lover, the promise of magic, elves, dragons and faraway places was enough to pull me into Eragon’s world. I found myself wishing to be a part of the story, imagining the characters and extra characters as I daydreamed myself to sleep every night. By reading Eragon, my imagination grew exponentially throughout my high school years and so did my love for books, which inevitably led me to writing more myself. I don’t think I would have written my own book ‘Anomaly’ without all the support and help around me, and I certainly don’t think it would be as good as it is today without Eragon. So, thank you Christopher Paolini. Thank you for such an amazing story and even though you do not know me, thank you for helping me.

There is only one more thing left to say, and I’m sure the book-lovers out there with their own special books will agree. I absolutely adore your book, and I will treasure my lovingly, worn, copy forever.



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