Consensus Breaking (The Auran Chronicles Book 2) by M. S. Dobing


My Thoughts:

Firstly, read this blog ‘Message Bearer (The Auran Chronicles Book 1) by M. S. Dobing’,

Second, check out this interview with M. S. Dobing,

And third, wow, Consensus Breaking is an amazing follow up.

Consensus Breaking is packed with action, multiple mythologies, daemons and magic. If that sounds like your thing then I am pretty confident that you will not be disappointed. (Warning Spoilers Ahead).

This second book in the series follows Seb, Cade and Slyph as they abandon Skelwith and seek out the mage Families, a task which seems almost impossible. The trio decide to take a trip to Marek’s lair in order to find information about the Families. However there is a ‘wrongness’ about Marek’s lair, and before the trio can truly discover the source, they are found by magi from the First Family.

Seb, Cade and Slyph are taken in by the First Family and meet their leader, Archmage Sedaris. Who reveals that due to Seb’s actions at the end of Message Bearer, the Consensus has broken, there have been random corruptions in the Weave which is responsible for their magical abilities, and there have been glitches in reality. Sedaris also reveals that new ‘Awares’ like Seb are emerging in greater numbers than ever before. It is a problem for the Families who consider themselves purebloods in comparison, as these new ‘Awares’ are causing problems and some of them are literally losing their minds. The families usually deal with these type of Aware by purging their minds, which often leads to their deaths. It is very much a brutal hierarchical and archaic system whereby the upper class mages control and get rid of the lower class mages. Seb being like one of the newly awoken (Aware) has a hard time accepting and justifying the Families’ actions.

Sedaris then offers for the trio to join the First Family, Seb and Slyph accept but Cade decides it is best for him to go his own way. Whilst Seb and Slyph are being trained the ‘wrongness’ from Marek’s lair escapes and infiltrates the First Family’s base. Seb joins a group of mages who are tasked with getting rid of the newly awoken and ends up fighting with a fellow mage which lands him in a prison cell. Slyph rescues him and takes him to a safe haven which has been set up by the newly awoken, a place where there is no prejudice or unjust hierarchy.

Seb returns to the First Family but the ‘wrongness’ has corrupted the First Family and their entire base. Seb narrowly escapes death and takes sanctuary at Skelwith where he is reunited with an old friend. Slyph, Cade and the newly awoken then try to infiltrate the Ninth’s Family’s base in order to stop a horde of Sheol from entering Earth through a many-way portal. However, the mission doesn’t go to plan and there are unexpected losses on both sides.

Consensus Breaking ends on a cliff-hanger, and even though the battle has been won for Seb and his friends, the war is definitely not over.

Again I felt a Norse Mythology vibe throughout this second instalment in the Auran Chronicles. M. S. Dobing has combined multiple mythologies and science together to create a believable, and to repeat what another reader said ‘fantasy-type Matrix’ world. There is a hell of a lot of history that has been thought out with all the details, as well as a complex magic platform which again makes this story all that much more believable.

I would definitely recommend this series to friends, Consensus Breaking is an absolute epic, urban, fantasy, adventure which will keep you hanging on the edge of your seat.

From The Current Reviews:

As there aren’t that many reviews for this book yet, I have chosen to ignore this section. However, all reviews so far are extremely good so I would urge you to go out, read this book and leave more reviews!

This Book Has Been Compared/Likened To:

Movie: The Matrix.

Amazon Kindle Rating: 5 stars(5 Stars)

Goodreads Rating: 4.4 stars(4.42 Stars)

Release date: 27th May 2016

Pages: 320

Age Range: 13+

Contains: Some descriptions of violence.

Genre(s): Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Thriller & Mystery.

About The Book: The Consensus is broken. Magic is returning to the world…

When Seb and his friends are found by the very mage Families that they’d been seeking, he begins to think that his luck is turning at last, that he’s finally found somewhere to continue the journey he began with the Magistry.

Unfortunately, returning to this secret world is not the homecoming he thought it would be, and when rumors of another faction surface, one that is welcoming the newly awoken without prejudice, Seb is torn between his loyalty to his friends and to those of his fellow magi. He must make a choice. One that will have repercussions far beyond the internal struggles of the Aware.

And across the Shards, a new force is rising, a shadow from before the Weave itself. Long thought defeated, it soon becomes clear that the sheol were just the vanguard of a much greater terror, one that threatens the very foundations of reality.

Consensus Breaking is the second book of the Auran Chronicles, a dark fantasy adventure series from M. S. Dobing.

Where to Buy?

Book 2 Amazon UK: Kindle Ed, £1.99. Amazon US: Kindle Ed,  $2.46.

Book 1 Amazon UK: Kindle Ed, £0.99. Paperback, £8.99. Amazon US: Kindle Ed, $1.43. Paperback $11.99.

About the Author: Mike is an IT Consultant who lives in Preston, UK with his wife and twin daughters.

His first novel, Message Bearer, is the first in his urban fantasy series, The Auran Chronicles, the sequel to which is due out in the first half of 2016.

As well as Message Bearer, Mike has also produced several short stories over a period of many years, some of which were fortunate enough to be selected for publication. Sadly, a bad experience with a faulty hard drive and an evil usb stick sent many of these to digital oblivion, putting him off writing for a prolonged period.

Those stories that could be salvaged, as well as more recent efforts can be found on Amazon, with Mirror Man being a particular favourite.

As well as writing Mike is also fond of the odd gaming session on the Xbox One, where people half his age use him for target practice on a regular basis.

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