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Lost Frequencies: The Soul Prophecies by [Lynagh, Caitlin]

Lost Frequencies: The Soul Prophecies by Caitlin Lynagh is a book that gives you all the benefits of escapism while maintaining a terrifying sense of reality throughout.

It is about a group of people in a dystopian world, trying to survive against all odds. Their world is ravaged by the carelessness of their ancestors. They have to struggle for their basic necessities, all the while fighting back an evil but pragmatic corporation.

The novel switches back and forth from the past, and between dream sequences filled with strange prophecies. I found this a little disorienting. But it provided great contrast and detail to their fictional world. It was also quite fast paced, so it took me a while to get a hang of all the things taking place, especially the dream sequences.

The world itself was reminiscent of The Hunger Games, albeit more exotic and more relevant. Especially considering…

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Lost Frequencies (The Soul Prophecies) By Caitlin Lynagh


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My new sci-fi/fantasy LOST FREQUENCIES is finally released. It seems an age since I wrote it. The story is set on Planet Iyeeka, millions of years before humans evolved and yet is connected to modern Earth because of an Iyeekan scientist who prophesised the birth of the human soul, and what comes next…

The book is available on eBook and Paperback and timed perfectly for Christmas presents for your book-lover friends and family too!



You are being watched. All your pathways have already been seen.

During a salvage hunt in the desolate wastelands of Planet Iyeeka, a strange naked woman is discovered inside a metal machine. No one has lived in the area for decades.

Ten wise Iyeekans are drawn to the woman through their dreams and eventually follow her, along with the three who found her, through their war-torn land in search of truth. They believe she is the key to saving their dying planet. She has knowledge even she doesn’t understand. Yet.

Who are these aliens she so vividly remembers? What is the significance of this planet Earth and its inhabitants? And why is her knowledge essential in saving their world?


I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive feedback so far on NetGalley and from book-bloggers. I hope you will enjoy it too! Feel free to send a photograph of yourself with the book for the Hall of Fame on my website and social media.