Nepotism & Coquettish – Word Blog #6


Tuesday 3rd November 2015.

Nepotism  – [noun] the practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.

i.e. his years in office were marked by corruption and nepotism.

Coquettish – [adj] behaving in such a way as to suggest a playful sexual attraction; flirtatious.

i.e. a coquettish smile. Continue reading

Evincing and Anodyne – Word Blog #4


Tuesday 13th Oct – Blog Number 4

Ten new words for you to learn!

Amorphous – [adj] without a clearly defined shape or form.

i.e. the amorphous clouds.

[adj] Having no pattern, lacking a clear structure or focus.

i.e. an amorphous style.

Emaciated – [adj] abnormally thin or weak, especially because of illness or a lack of food. Continue reading

Piquancy and Frolicking -Word Blog #3


06/10/2015 –  Blog Number 3

Eleven new words this time….

Piquancy – [noun] a tart or spicy quality.

i.e. a little mustard to add Piquancy.

Piquant – [adj] appealing or charming

i.e she had a piquant face.

Desultory – [adj] lacking a plan, purpose, enthusiasm. Continue reading

Delineate and Succinct – Word Blog #2


09/09/2015 – Blog Number 2

Thirteen words this time…

Delineate – [verb] To describe or portray (something) precisely.

i.e. The main characters are clearly delineated in the first chapter.

[verb] To show a line or border, for example on a map.

i.e. The boundary of the car park is delineated by a low brick wall. Continue reading

Cantankerous and Wackadoodle – Word Blog #1


26/08/2015 – Blog Number 1

As an avid reader, writer, and soon to be author, I come across a lot of words. However, my current vocabulary, although growing, is probably average and it certainly wasn’t very good several years ago. So when I come across words in books that I don’t recognize straight away or find myself wondering ‘what does that word mean again?’ I immediately jot it down and head over to a dictionary.

So I thought, why not write a blog with the different words I come across? It might help some people out there. I know as a new writer it would certainly help me. I’ll try and find the strange, wonderful and hilarious words that you probably don’t hear or see very often, then I’ll type them up in a list with explanations and examples. (Hope this helps guys, I’ll try and compose a list of words at least a couple of times a month -C.L.).

Only a short list today…. Continue reading