Nolander (Emanations Book 1) by Becca Mills


My Thoughts:

Becca introduces a unique concept within Nolander and as much as there are many loose ends, it is very intriguing. If you can stomach the adult content without becoming too flustered or frazzled, then this book is definitely one for you. I personally enjoyed the fact that Becca wasn’t afraid to base some of her characters on some unsavory people from the real world. We all know that the real world isn’t sweet or sugar coated, so this for me made the story appear more realistic. On saying that, I did bump up the age rating to 18+ because of the adult content.

I also really liked the fact that the main characters who possess powers don’t suddenly turn into superman or superwoman, in fact it’s quite the opposite. The main protagonist Beth, realizes she had strange powers and is located by a group of humans who possess similar abilities. She ends up being introduced to a secret hidden world which already has an established hierarchy. Unfortunately for these talented humans, they are near the bottom. They are almost like hired henchmen, sent out by demons to complete tasks and to do the dirty work, only they don’t have a choice in the matter, they can’t quit. Continue reading