Essential Maps For The Lost – Deb Caletti


Yes I know, it’s been far too long and I should be posting up more blogs on here but I’ve been a little busy writing three books, blogging for Diary Of A Young Writer  go check it out click here and here. I also have two jobs, one of which is working in a bookshop, though I feel like I have a dozen jobs really (I mean who has holidays these days?). So I’m sorry, I’ve not had much time to read and I’ve been attempting the classics, which dear god, some of the classic fiction is really tough to get through. So far I’ve read books by Jane Austen, Joseph Conrad, George Eliot, Anne Bronte and Emily Bronte.  Continue reading

The Color of Heaven (The Color of Heaven Series Book 1) by Julianne Maclean


My Thoughts:

Firstly, this is book one out of a total of nine at the moment. The books in this series are all about different people, but have similar themes running through them.

The Color of Heaven hit a raw nerve for me, it was somewhat similar to my own experiences, so naturally, I’m hardened to a lot of emotional books, but this one, this one had me blinking back tears a few times. This book was pretty sad, but it was filled with so much hope and desire to live too. The beginning of the story is pretty depressing, but it is all a premise for the real message of this story; how to live life even after severe trauma in your life.

The Color of Heaven has been described as ’emotional’ and ‘thought-provoking’, and quite frankly, those are the two best words that could describe this book. Continue reading