Skip: An Epic Fairy Tale Fantasy Adventure Series (Book 1) by Perrin Briar


My Thoughts:

Skip is split into 7 books(parts), this review covers book 1 which ends on a cliffhanger. (Note: it is a very short first installment to this series -C.L.)

Skip book 1, is definitely a promising start of an epic fairy tale fantasy adventure. It drew me in straight away with the strange monolithic clock tower, what a wonderful idea! I was so intrigued by the clock tower that before I knew it, I was a third of the way through this first book.

Writing style, characters and plot are all great. However, I did notice a couple of spelling mistakes, though nothing too major that it detracted away from the story. There is a lot of mystery and unanswered questions in this first book, you will have to purchase the next books to find out more, and I’m hoping it will be worth it! Continue reading