DOAYW – August Updates


Diary Of A Young Writer August Updates include authors who have inspired me and why you should read if you’re struggling to write. Seriously check out these two blogs and let me know your thoughts and opinions! Click on the blog pictures or links below to see the full blogs or alternatively, click here to see all of my blogs at Diary Of A Young Writer.



Twisted Concepts?


Here are 17 books, I think, have unusual twists and/or concepts. I’ve read them all, but please note they are in no particular order. Hope you find something you enjoy!

1) Partials by Dan Wells (part of a trilogy) Partials2

A Young Adult, Science fiction, Dystopian, Fantasy. I’ve suggested an age range for this book of 15+. Partials is unusual in my opinion because it is about engineered, organic beings called ‘Partials’, who were made by and are identical to, humans. Ok so this has been done before, but Dan Wells has an awesome writing style and has added a couple of extra twists. War has devastated the planet, and Partials and humans are sworn enemies. It has a sort of ‘I, Robot’ feel to it, but what really makes this novel different is the fact that both the humans and the Partials are slowly dying. The two enemies will have to set aside their past wrongs and differences in order to survive. Continue reading

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion


My Thoughts:

I LOVED this book. I truly, honestly, loved this book. It’s taken me a while to write this particular blog because I cannot adequately explain the awesomeness of this story, but… I’m going to give it my best shot.

Right, well, let’s start with what I think ‘Warm Bodies’ is really about. It’s a clever story which takes real problems from the world today, turns them on their heads, and combines them into a twisted, zombie, love story, with references to William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. You have the main male character ‘R’ based on Romeo and the main female character ‘Julie’ based on Juliet. However, if you’re not a Shakespeare fan and can remember the long stuffy English lessons, reading words from old English that nobody but the teacher could understand, don’t panic. Warm Bodies may contain some Romeo & Juliet themes but it differs from Shakespeare’s work in every way apart from it’s utter brilliance… Continue reading