Message Bearer (The Auran Chronicles Book 1) by M.S. Dobing


My Thoughts:

Great and lovable characters, fantastic world building and written well, Dobing has excelled in combining multiple mythologies with a little bit of science, creating a unique and intriguing world for urban fantasy lovers everywhere. Message Bearer is an action packed, epic, fantasy adventure.

The story centers around a young man called Seb, who has unfortunately wound up living on the streets. He doesn’t seem to mind this too much though, however, he has noticed that he is drawn to certain places and for some reason he favours the nighttime hours over the day (at first I thought he was a vampire, haha, i was wrong. – C.L).

Seb is settling down for the night (or early morning in his case) near an abandoned church, when he suddenly hears a terrified scream. Moments later an injured woman appears running straight for him, followed by a nightmarish creature. Continue reading


Drowning Mermaids (Sacred Breath Book 1) by Nadia Scrieva


My thoughts:

Ahhhh mermaids? Where do you even begin? My first thoughts were ‘oh no, who writes about mermaids and manages to do it well?’ I was a little bit skeptical to say the least, but couldn’t pass down a free kindle book and I’m so glad I didn’t. The ratings should have told me enough really, Nadia Scrieva is clearly a talented and well loved writer but everyone has their own opinions right?

Well I can tell you I did enjoy this book immensely, and not because it fits into my personal fantasy cup of tea category. The story line is refreshing, new, and a little bit different. I also liked the fact that Nadia wasn’t afraid to make this book as realistic as possible. Drowning Mermaids isn’t a cut down, edit out the nasty bits about life story. This is why I bumped the suitable age up to 15, sure you can read it if you’re younger but in my opinion, this book is aimed at older teens and adults. Continue reading