The Unfinished Song: Wing Book 5 by Tara Maya


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My Thoughts: Well I finished this book several months ago and due to busy times I haven’t been able to pick up book 6 yet. I’m going to keep this short and sweet, and if you want to know more about the series then I recommend hitting the link above so you can read my blog about book 1 in this series. Continue reading

The Unfinished Song – Book One: Initiate, by Tara Maya


My Thoughts:

OK I have four points to make. Firstly, this book is number one out of a total of twelve books. This is a series and I would recommend that if you’re interested in the series, then read book one (Initiate), book two (Taboo) and book three, (Sacrifice) to get a full idea of what you’re in store for.

Secondly, the time this book is set in is very primitive, think neolithic stone-age. Therefore there are some dark scenes where women are treated harshly, and rape is referred to. There is also a lot of violence, bullying, and political tribal injusticies. Although the descriptions are not explicit, you are aware that these things have happened or are happening. A number of reviews stated that this book is really aimed at an older audience. I agree, but this second point does not make this book any less brilliant or degrade it’s uniqueness.

Thirdly, this book and the series has three main story lines. You have the main female character Dindi and her desire to be a Taevaedi (basically a magical dancer). You also have the main male character Kavio, an exiled Taevaedi with a lot of power and his quest to become a better and respectable person. And lastly you have Vessia, also known as the Corn Maiden, who you never actually meet but her story is told through visions that Dindi receives whenever she touches her totem doll.

Fourthly, this book is deliciously rich with it’s world building, characterization, and plot line. It is complicated, but not difficult to follow if you are truly hooked by the story. There are multiple POV’s not just Dindi’s, Kavio’s and Vessia’s (told in second person). There is a lot of terminology, including character names, clan names, levels of fae, magic, etc. So be prepared to sink your teeth right into these books, put down all the other books you may be reading, cast all troubling thoughts out of your mind and dive into Tara Maya’s story.

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