New Blog and Officially an Author


Hello readers,

I have some exciting news. I’ve been hired to write a weekly blog, and I’m very pleased to introduce….


My weekly blog will include a variety of ideas but mainly I will discuss what it is like to be a writer and share all my secrets and my not-so-glamorous working lifestyle. I’ll share what I have learnt and experienced, both the good and the bad. I will also talk about books, because you can never have too many books to talk about, and much more!

Take a look, share with your friends, and ask me questions at

I’m also an official, published author now! You can find me on pretty much every social media platform by searching my name ‘Caitlin Lynagh’. I’ve also just opened an author’s account on goodreads, so if you have an account you can follow me here.

It’s been a crazy week but thank you to everyone for your kind support, I couldn’t have done any of this without you. I am keeping the bookigloo blog so you can expect more book reviews and news here soon!

Happy reading and I hope you have a good day! -C.L.







What if everything and everyone was connected, even in death? This is the question which shakes Kyle Hunter’s world, forcing him to confront his tragic past and reevaluate the meaning of life.

Interested in a paranormal fantasy with a good dose of science and a little bit of romance? Yes? You can buy Anomaly in ebook format or paperback at Amazon, The Wordery, Waterstones and Troubador!