I Am Phantom (Book 1) by Sean Fletcher


My Thoughts: I was up til 4am reading this book!

10/10 Stars for the opening paragraph! I loved the main character, Drake Sinclair’s, humour and attitude, the first two sentences had me completely hooked. I have to quote them…. ‘My day really began the moment the men shot at me. To set the record straight, it wasn’t my usual idea of fun.’ (From Chapter One: In Which I Screw Up)

I Am Phantom is a fast-paced, well-written, action-packed sci-fi and fantasy, with a good dose of humour. Written in the first person, the reader joins Drake at the beginning of this story in his relatively calm and peaceful family life at home just before he finishes school, and where his only worries are asking girls to prom, the school bullies, oh, and the freaky super powers he obtained during puberty. Drake Sinclair knows he isn’t normal, jumping ridiculously high, super speed, strength and healing abilities are not normal, however he has done a good job at dealing with and hiding his abnormalities so far…. That is before a mysterious figure shows up and turns the school prom into a disaster.

Drake Sinclair then receives a strange admission letter from a college out of state, one with a letter that promises to give him answers about his powers. Desperate for answers Drake accepts, but little does he know, the answers are more complicated and more disturbing than he had ever imagined. Drake is forced to choose how he will use his powers, and whether or not he will use them for good or bad. Continue reading

Could Dark Energy be Another Dimension of Time?


The Saganist

The idea has been proposed in a science-fiction book Anomaly (The Soul Prophecies) by Caitlin Lynagh.anomaly cover sm

The book follows a business student (and keen science enthusiast) as he finds his path in life following the death of his childhood sweetheart. The book discusses the afterlife through science – but in a way that probes genuine scientific questions rather than pseudo-science – with no mention of God. Anomaly examines connectivity, chaos theory and quantum mechanics by intelligent, yet easy to understand means.

I approached Lynagh through her WordPress site. She has a science degree, though not in physics, but has thoroughly researched and understood her approach to the science in her book.

The ideas in her research notes stem from a thought experiment.  If you were to eat a chocolate bar of 200kcal you would have to run for 20 minutes to burn off the calories at 10 per minute –…

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Guardian Angels (Psionic Pentalogy Book 5) by Adrian Howell

My Thoughts:

With a heavy and sad heart I must tell you that this is the final book in the Psionic Pentalogy by Adrian Howell. If you haven’t read this series yet then I envy you, you’re in for a fantastically gripping, entertaining and emotional tale, but alas, I’ve already finished reading the series. I do wish I could go back and read the series again, but I will have to wait a year or so before rereading, in the hopes that I might forget most of it, but it will never be the same as reading the series for the first time. All you potentially new readers for this series, I’m so jealous. If you’re looking for a book where the world inside could almost be the real world today, but way more exciting, dangerous and splashed with superpowers of course, then you have found it with the Psionic Pentalogy.

Here’s a quick overview of Adrian Howell’s world…

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Nefertiti’s Heart (The Artifact Hunters book 1) by A. W. Exley


My Thoughts:

TW: If you can’t read about difficult and disturbing subjects, and/or don’t like romance, and/or can’t read about murder, and/or can’t read about sex, then this book is not for you.

There are some difficult topics in this book, particularly surrounding the main female protagonist Cara. In her childhood years she suffers abuse and extreme trauma (underage non-consensual sex, rape.) However, A. W. Exley only mentions this in passing as part of Cara’s past. Also, Cara’s deceased father was violent and abusive (not in a sexual way), this again is mentioned in passing as part of Cara’s past. So if you’re feeling uncomfortable already then I recommend that you don’t read this book.

If you’re like me and don’t like, but can accept the disturbing/distressing elements of this story, and enjoy reading consensual romantic partnerships, then you’ll love this book. However, I wouldn’t classify Nefertiti’s Heart as an erotica by any stretch, so if you’re looking for that, you’ll need to look somewhere else.

Now that’s been dealt with, Nefertiti’s Heart is a Victorian, Steampunk, Historical, Mystery, Thriller and Romance novel. Continue reading

Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0: Origins (First Light Chronicles #1-3) by Randolph Lalonde


My Thoughts:

Ok so I will admit it, I haven’t read many Sci-fi books and I’m not usually hooked into them, but this one is different. First off, it is free on kindle which is nice, but always hit or miss, you never know if you’ve stumbled across a good or bad book. I am pleased to say though, in this case it was the former as opposed to the latter.

I started to read this book and I was completely sucked in by the end of the first chapter. I was so surprised by the first chapter I just had to find out more and easily lost hours reading this book. There are a couple of spelling errors but nothing too major that it detracted away from the story. The world building and futuristic setting are done extremely well too, my mind had no problems believing in Randolph Lalonde’s world. Continue reading