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Hello world,

This is the first guest blog I have ever written and I think it turned out pretty well. I would be over the moon if you would take a look and give it some love <3. Thanks for all the support, hope you’re having a great weekend! – C.L.

Title of the blog: Five Free Kindle Edition Books!


Ten Free, Kindle Edition Books, You really should try!


Here are ten free eBooks that you really should try! My current followers/readers will know that my ‘book review blogs’ contain quoted snippets from other people’s reviews, collected from Goodreads and Amazon. They will also know that I have a unique rating system for these snippets, (The Good, The Bad, The Darn Right Uglies and The Unicorns). Therefore for everyone, both new and old, I’ve done a condensed version for each book I’ve listed below… Did I mention that these books are free?

[1] The Book of Deacon (The Book of Deacon Series 1) by Joseph Lallo

(A Fantasy book, about a young, orphaned woman, who stumbles across some priceless cargo and is unwittingly caught up in a magical war, the same magical war that has taken everything from her.) Continue reading

The Book of Deacon (Book 1) by Joseph R. Lallo


My Thoughts:

The Book of Deacon is a great fantasy adventure. It is a trilogy and this first book is currently free on kindle (link below -C.L.). There is also a prequel to the trilogy, so technically four books now, but you don’t have to read the prequel in order to understand the rest of the story.

This is a self-published book so there are a couple of errors, though I barely noticed them. God knows why J. R. Lallo wasn’t snapped up by a publishing house, perhaps he didn’t want to? If he was turned down, then shame on the publishing houses and their editors, they clearly haven’t recognized that Mr Lallo is a fantastic author and full of potential.

On to the book… Continue reading