Dead Days (Season Three) by Ryan Casey


My Thoughts: With most book series they tend to lose their initial spark in their follow-ups, however that is not the case with Dead Days Season Three. Just when you think you’ve got everything sussed out Ryan Casey throws in another spanner in the works. In Season Three you follow Riley, Pedro and Chloe as they take individual routes to a ‘safe-place’ in Manchester. Riley teams up with a man who claims to have the cure. Pedro teams up with an unusual family, and Chloe, unfortunately, stumbles across the darker side of humanity. Continue reading

Consensus Breaking (The Auran Chronicles Book 2) by M. S. Dobing


My Thoughts:

Firstly, read this blog ‘Message Bearer (The Auran Chronicles Book 1) by M. S. Dobing’,

Second, check out this interview with M. S. Dobing,

And third, wow, Consensus Breaking is an amazing follow up.

Consensus Breaking is packed with action, multiple mythologies, daemons and magic. If that sounds like your thing then I am pretty confident that you will not be disappointed. (Warning Spoilers Ahead). Continue reading

She Never Got To Say Goodbye by Ica Iova



My Thoughts:

She Never Got To Say Goodbye is a great paranormal fantasy and thriller with a lovely and satisfying ending. I enjoyed reading this book and it has been a delightful change from what I’ve been currently reading. The story is fast-paced and takes elements from a number of different genres, romance, mystery, action, paranormal and thriller. I think even the pickiest readers will have trouble finding nothing to appreciate here. Overall the story is well written, I noticed a couple of errors but nothing that detracts away from the story. Ica Iova has a beautiful and addictive writing style that will keep you turning the pages.

She Never Got To Say Goodbye is centred around two main characters, Olivia and Brandon. The story describes how they meet, fall in love, and how their relationship ultimately falls apart. The story then moves on to Olivia’s life as a ghost, Brandon’s life as a single parent, and the last part of the story introduces the life of the killer… Continue reading

Dead Days (Season One & Two) by Ryan Casey


My Thoughts:

I am absolutely terrible at watching any kind of horror film, I’m the one person who screams even at the really obvious jumpy scenes. I’ve been told off for my screaming, because my screams make my friends scream and curse (they still love me though). I’m also the type of person who won’t sleep for a week after watching said horror film, and if i do sleep, I’ll definitely have nightmares. Anyhow, this doesn’t stop me from watching The Walking Dead (I love it) or from reading Zombie books.

If you’re a UK resident and a fan of the Walking Dead like I am, then you’re going to love Ryan Casey’s Dead Days.

****The Following Section May Contain Spoilers**** Continue reading

Books to try Spring 2016!



Message Bearer is an Urban Fantasy by M.S. Dobing.

Join the main protagonist Seb, a Latent with a secret message in his mind that only he can open. Seb is thrown into a world of mages and demons, where magic is a case of manipulating reality.

My Thoughts: Great and lovable characters, fantastic world building and well written, Dobing has excelled in combining multiple mythologies with a little bit of science, creating a unique and intriguing world for urban fantasy lovers everywhere. Message Bearer is an action packed, epic, fantasy adventure.

Want Message Bearer? Click here.

Want to see my full blog? Click here. Continue reading

Tuesday’s Child (Psychic Visions, Book 1) by Dale Mayer


 My Thoughts:

An intriguing read, yes there are lots of psychic books out there but I’ve not read one quite like this. The difference is, this psychic (Sam), experiences the final moments of people’s lives as they are brutally murdered, both through their eyes and physically. She feels like she dies every time because she literally experiences their death, waking up with marks and cuts all over her body after her visions. I’ve not read or come across this sort of spin on a psychic’s powers before, it was a little gruesome, and spine-crawling.

I was totally in the mood for Tuesday’s Child, and I think it is one of those books that you need to be in the mood for. I’ve been on a bit of a crime/mystery/thriller theme at the moment with my books, I have just finished ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’ (also v.good). However, mixing crime with paranormal fantasy like Mayer does, now you’re talking. Continue reading

Mice by Gordon Reece


My Thoughts:

Thought provoking indeed. How would anyone react to the string of bad circumstances which befall our two main characters? Gordon Reece not only shines the light on the darker side of humanity but he shoves the reader right into the middle of it. An intriguing and disturbing read, prepare yourself readers.

The story is most definitely believable in my opinion (always a good thing). It is about a young girl and mother trying to deal with a difficult recent past, and then having to deal with even more difficult events in the near future. Bad stuff happens to people, sometimes a lot can happen in a relatively short space of time. The real question is how do you deal with it? and when do you snap? Gordon Reece explores these questions and human behavior perfectly.

Interesting and well written with an eloquent flourish. Continue reading

Ring of Conscience by James Stoddah


My thoughts: 

Oh wow. James Stoddah has really leapt forward with the times, by writing one of the first, (I believe), interactive novels. The best thing about this novel is not only the gripping, fast-paced, addictive storyline, but the mystery is also a reality. James Stoddah has created two websites, one from the story itself and the second, another, real life, treasure hunt for readers to participate in and enjoy. (I will put links to the websites below).

The characters are extremely likeable, even the villains, which surprisingly, I felt sorry for some of the antagonists. There is a clash of opinions and emotions between all the characters with a couple of unstable bad guys thrown in the mix, making this story very intriguing indeed. Continue reading