Dead Days (Season Three) by Ryan Casey


My Thoughts: With most book series they tend to lose their initial spark in their follow-ups, however that is not the case with Dead Days Season Three. Just when you think you’ve got everything sussed out Ryan Casey throws in another spanner in the works. In Season Three you follow Riley, Pedro and Chloe as they take individual routes to a ‘safe-place’ in Manchester. Riley teams up with a man who claims to have the cure. Pedro teams up with an unusual family, and Chloe, unfortunately, stumbles across the darker side of humanity.

Season Three delves into Pedro’s backstory, and we find out more about his tragic past and the reason why he became a soldier. Older characters who you thought were dead also come back in Season Three. Again, like in Season Two no one is safe, people die and someone is bitten. Though I think the really interesting thing about Season Three is how the Zombies change and almost evolve, if you thought these zombies would stay predictable then you are mistaken. It is a scary thought that Zombies’ behaviour would change but it makes total sense and adds to the realism of this series.

Poor Chloe is what I will say. This young character seems to stumble across the worst kinds of people all the time. I was absolutely horrified at what happened to her in Season Three, but was thankfully left feeling optimistic about her chances in the end. Ryan Casey seems to have tapped into the a young teenager’s brain in order to write from Chloe’s perspective. In comparison to the likes of Riley and Pedro, her naivety and innocence shines through in every word.

Oh, and did I mention that theres an epic twist at the end??

Ryan Casey is a superb writer with a flare for approaching the apocalyptic horror genre with immense realism. There are no superhero-type characters who show up at the last minute decked out with weapons, Casey’s characters are all normal people who you would pass on the street. Casey must either be a natural or has done his research, as he seems to have great insight into the human pysche and human behaviour. Ideals are thrown out the window, morals and values are tested, and some decisions may well come back to bite you. Survival isn’t just about brains and fitness, it’s also down to luck.

From The Current Reviews:

The Good: Another great instalment of the Dead Days series!‘, ‘Characters are so real and it’s hard to not get attached.’, ‘I find that each book in the series gets better than the last with more and more unexpected turns of events’, ‘If you love The Walking Dead you’ll love Dead Days.’, ‘I was hooked from the start’, ‘if you haven’t picked up a zombie book and want to start this is certainly a good place to start’, ‘an excellent series of books with believable, lovable, human characters’, ‘Cracking read and thrilling story line, leaves you on the edge of your seat’, ‘England’s answer to The Walking Dead’, ‘Loved every squirmy, gory and ruthless second of it’, ‘Excellent read’, ‘Once again amazing from start to finish’, ‘getting scary now but have to finish‘, ‘Nice to have the story of normal people who dont have highly trained and tooled up hero’s for back up for a change‘, ‘awesome’, ‘really has a thumb on the human psyche’, ‘The characters and storyline was intense’, ‘It is a decent read at a reasonable price’, ‘Completely addicting storyline and characters.

The Bad: (None so far)

The Darn Right Ugly: (None so far)

The Unicorns:I didn’t think that it could get any better! Ryan Casey…you did it!‘, ‘I always look forward to reading the next sagas and he’s definitely one of the best writers of this genre!!!‘, ‘These books should come with a warning; Begin reading with two undemanding days where you can read , read, and read to your hearts content !!!’, ‘An exciting new season and even better than Season Two!’, ‘Brilliant author Ryan Casey once again shows his genius with the rapid pacing of the story’, ‘What a flair for writing this man has.’

This Book Has Been Compared/Likened To:

TV Series: The Walking Dead.

Amazon UK Kindle Rating: 4.8 Stars(4.8 Stars)

Goodreads Rating:4.5 Stars(4.54 Stars)

Release date: 12th August 2014

Pages: 350

Age Range: 15+

Contains: Explicit violence and sexual references that some readers may find distressing.

Genre: Apocalyptic horror and thriller.


In October 2013, a chaotic infection spread across Britain, turning the majority of the population into bloodthirsty zombies.

The weak fell. Many of the strong fell, too. The only survivors were those willing to sink to the most brutal depths of humanity in order to further their own existence.

Dead Days is the story of a group of those survivors.

Season Three of the thrilling, suspenseful series picks up right from Season Two’s stunning cliffhanger. The group is separated, but bound by their destination: Manchester Living Zone, a mythical safe haven many miles away.

But every character faces a very different threat. Riley must battle through a harrowing tunnel with a man who claims he is the key to everything. Pedro and his new friends are forced to fight their way down a motorway, in order to protect the boy who might secure a future for the planet. And Chloë discovers the dangers of solitude, as she sinks further and further into the realms of darkness…

Who will reach Manchester? Who will survive?

And is survival even worth it in this terrifying new world?

There will be blood. There will be tears. In the Dead Days, nobody is safe.

With fast-paced zombie action and gripping character scenarios, Dead Days is a truly unmissable serial adventure. Download the complete season three now. You’ll be hooked on every word, right until the jaw-dropping final page…

Where to Buy?

Dead Days Season One Amazon UK: Kindle Ed, Free. Paperback £9.99.

Dead Days Season Two Amazon UK: Kindle Ed, £2.99.

Dead Days Season Three Amazon UK: Kindle Ed, £3.49.

Dead Days Season One Amazon US: Kindle Ed, $0.00. Paperback $15.99.

Dead Days Season Two Amazon US: Kindle Ed, $3.73.

Dead Days Season Three Amazon US: Kindle Ed, $4.31.

(Note: there are options to buy all 7 books!)

About the Author: Ryan Casey is the author of over a dozen novels and a highly successful serial. He writes post apocalyptic horror and thrillers, but all of his works are bound by dark suspense. Across all genres, Casey’s work is renowned for its rapid pacing, unforgettably complex characters, and knockout twists.

Casey lives in the United Kingdom. He has a BA degree in English with Creative Writing from the University of Birmingham, and has been writing stories for as long as he can remember. In his spare time, he enjoys American serial television, is a slave to Pitchfork’s Best New Music section, and wastes far too much of his life playing Football Manager games.

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Twitter: @RyanCaseyBooks


Instagram: @ryancaseyauthor

Disclaimer: The reviews and opinions above are either from online sources or my own, and have been collaborated together for the ease and benefit of potential new readers. All ratings have been collected from the date of this blog’s publishing and will potentially change in the future.

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